Sunday, August 14, 2011

And we are back!

We have been so busy traveling and gallivanting I've not been keeping up with any of my tech-related activities-- but here we are halfway through August and now anticipating getting back into a routine with fall and preschool etc- so I am at last happy to be back to blogging. We have a few projects to update you with on here and many more in the pipeline, really I can't wait! I've been collecting long lists of ideas for activities with the little ones and one fun surprise I've found along the way is that I have also compiled a huge list of things to make and do myself. Could it be in my mindful parenting I'm getting in touch with my inner artist again? The one I thought was lost in a pile of shoes over the past ten years? I always thought doing something creative for a living would be so satisfying but the truth is after designing shoes so long I soon felt like I didn't know how to design or create anything else. At times this bothered but frankly I was so busy working I couldn't give it much thought. So here it is, coming back to me. Unsolicited, but very very welcome. And exciting. Next up; I think I need to make a monthly craft challenge for myself. Maybe even a craft girls night? Perfect excuse to get together with friends and sink my hands into something fun. Any takers?

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