Sunday, August 14, 2011

picture pages

I am running a bit behind on this but I just completed and ordered miss S's 2-3 year photo book. I had been making these books every 6 months but figure once the kids hit 2 we can slow down and do one a year. Not only is this one mammoth photo book but it is just as dear and darling to me as the very first one I made for her (and every one there after)..
I compile all our best photos (several hundred) into a "folder" and then stick them into shutterfly. From there it is a total piece of cake with their storyboard and editing tools- they even have a new feature where they organize them onto the page for you in groupings by date, then you can go ahead and shuffle them around to your liking but really it saves so much time it is fantastic. The best part for me is going through all the pictures, remembering all the moments, and adding little captions for all the great things we never want to forget- this year includes everything from first haircut, first day of preschool, falling in love with buzz lightyear, meeting the "real" Dora in Spain, and becoming a big sister.
I swear working on it has put a smile on my face for days. I can't wait until the bound copies arrive, one for us to thumb through together and the other which gets tucked away in a closet for her to have when she grows up- which is happening way too fast. Now- time to get to work on the 6-12 month book for H!

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