Thursday, November 17, 2011

getting in the groove~

It has been an absurdly long hiatus and I have no excuses other than just a general "trying to find our rhythm" with preschool, weeks of visitors, two sets of stitches, an over seas vacation, and an officially busy and always on the go toddler.. Add to that a lack of synchronized napping (or napping in general some days) and things have felt hectic and busy and bustling which can be fine at times but lately it has turned more into that sort of consuming and out of control busy.. excuses, excuses..
As I write this I am thinking about the fact that S has been having some "focusing" issues the past few weeks- boundary testing, struggling to cooperate, etc- and we have been working really hard to manage her behavior and identify the root of the problem. I am realizing as I write this just how much we all seem to be craving a routine of some sort. Daily, weekly, general, informal.. it seems like we all need to get a better grip on things.
Maybe if I can be more disciplined and structured I can help her do the same with herself? I don't know how much of this will prove to be a solution but I can share with you three simple parts of the approach we are taking;
1)Structured up and down time. It is easy to make a schedule of activities and responsibilities but hard some times to do the opposite. We are trying to work in some "go with the flow" time each day (ironic to schedule it I know..)and some quiet time to ourselves. We tend to be social and lately overly social. Every time we go somewhere S asks "who is coming with us?"- I think it is really important to just be with ourselves too.
2)A timer. I personally always do better with goals and deadlines on the horizon and I don't know why a three year old would be any different! It has helped keep us on track for things like meal time, cleanup time, getting dressed.. It helps her feel directed and contained and helps us remember to set concrete limitations and expectations rather than letting things drag out until we are feeling frustrated and then reacting with anger..
3)One on one time. This is an easy one to address, but also an easy one to let slip by. We are making it formal by scheduling a sitter one day a week so I can have a turn alone with each child and not just to run errands or play with friends but to do something just the two of us.
And for myself-
1)I am trying to put a deadline of three new posts on here a week.
2)I am trying to be mindful of my health & fitness because it really influences my stress levels and self esteem. (I signed up for a 5k in a few weeks and have some great new recipes to share)
3)I am trying to remember to just "be". Be myself, be an positive example, be loving, be patient, be honest, be kind, be proud, be mindful, be good, and be whatever I am with full intention and mindfulness.
A work in progress progresses....Thoughts or suggestions?

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