Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Challenge 29

This is such an old standby I can't believe we had not done this sooner!
Had I known how simple this would be to execute I would have certainly added it to our repertoire a long time ago..
We dyed macaroni by adding food coloring (10 drops) to vinegar (2 tsp) in a plastic Ziploc bag, pouring in our dried noodles, shaking it up for five minutes, and then spooning the noodles onto paper towels to dry for half hour (turning once halfway through). Easy!

We chose neon coloring in hopes of achieving pink noodles -obviously- but after a few tries we resigned to having a bright juicy red instead. Our palette ended up being red, turquoise, purple, and chartreuse- plus a sort of mauve from the failed pink. I have to say the colors did come out so vibrantly we were very pleased!
Really nice jewel tones..

S enjoyed making patterns with the noodles even more than stringing them but after setting out several patterns she did at last decide on one to keep for her and an extra one to string for daddy.

The left over noodles were poured into a container and made a perfect shaker for H. I think we will eventually get around to gluing some into artwork and perhaps even fashion a few Christmas ornaments out of the rest. For now, lovely & glamorous jewelry will have to do!

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