Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Challenge day 30 ..

.. being brought to you on day 90 or something!
So the biggest lesson I have learned here was not exactly a news flash to me but; it takes me three times longer to do ANYTHING than it should.. Given I also get more done every day than I would have in a week pre-children but that is another story.. Anyhow- this might not have been exactly my 30th challenge but it will though be the 30th I will share in this format...
You see; proudly I have managed to incorporate creativity and quality time into our daily routine for well over 30 days now, however I've not yet managed to work in time to report it! Really though my point in this whole exercise was to become more mindful, engaged, interactive, and creative with my children on a daily basis. That I have decidedly accomplished.
I was bowled over when S picked up an object the other day (left over packaging) and enthusiastically cheered "I can save this so we can do a project with it?! Maybe we can make.." and so it begins.
In fact we have gotten a ton of that lately; designing, decorating, planning, imagining.. While I know some of that is a natural stage for a newly three year old child I can't help but feel pride and reward in the knowledge that some of the enthusiasm is a direct result of this time we have purposefully spent together.
It really pleases me to the core to see her unfold in this way. As I say that I must give a disclaimer and say that this isn't about making her a certain type of person really, or making her more like me. I mean she doesn't need to be an artist and for all I know she won't be even remotely interested in the arts- (disappointing but possible and okay) but I do want to give her (both of my children) the tools to "do". This level of problem solving, focus, dreaming, and imagining that she uses today in these creations and explorations could help her someday engineer mechanics, formulate chemical compounds, or piece together a life saving operation. Who knows?! And at the very least it could give her some really great memories from childhood, and a model for mothering she would be proud to repeat. Right?
Right. "30 days to a new you.."

Anyhow- I have a big back log of projects and activities that will make their way to you, but for now here is our 30th challenge. This challenge we did together with friends, what better way to create? Our very crafty friend suggested we make a "yarn bowl"- something I have always wanted to try (really I swear) and it was a lot of fun. More fun for the mommies than for the kids- who decided they didn't like getting all gluey.. They did however enjoy squeezing the glue into a big bin together, and then they did watch eagerly as we dipped strands of yarn and dribbled them over the ball.
From there on out the process was a bit tedious for them and eventually they wandered off to play but we mothers finished up and both found the process to be very soothing.

S was very curious two days later when the bowl was dry and the time came to peel it off the ball. She was suddenly quite the helper in fact! She was absolutely intrigued to see what had formed from the two simple elements: glue and yarn. As was I. And even more so eager to see what sort of things this bowl could hold..

The end result was beautiful and inspiring!! I can't wait to try another version where I play with color, and then maybe some different shapes and dimensions! So exciting.. And maybe H won't mind getting his hands all gluey when he gets older and he can work along side mom. I might actually go back and add more to this specific bowl, why not? And what better way to wrap up the 30 day challenge than with a work in progress?

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