Monday, July 18, 2011

Challenge day 28

This post is way late making it's way to you! Before we left for England we did a multi part activity- we put together a cut paper collage as an homage to Mr.Eric Carle's birthday (June 25th).
Day one we painted a butcher sheet of paper with roller paints. Silly easy messy fun, we always love working on large scale projects so we really spread out and went to town..
Day two I cut all sorts of shapes out from the paper using the different patches of color. I then gave S a stack of the cut shapes and let her use her imagination and lay them into pictures on two sheets of white paper. I was very impressed by how one picture she put together was so literal and really became a storyboard for us while the other picture was so figurative, much more of a play on shape and color. When she at last liked where everything was placed we came back at it with the glue stick.
Day three was a bit of a bonus inspired by the storyboard she created.. when it was at last all dry we added some details with crayon and marker. Finishing touches really.. Such fun!
I need to get the kids out to the Eric Carle museum this summer, it is on our list to do- especially as "the hungry caterpillar" was S's school play this year. She was an amazing strawberry if I do say so myself...

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