Thursday, June 9, 2011

challenge day 20

This was such fun!! Tonight after dinner S and I did the very simple age old crayon rubbings but we put an interesting spin on it that really made this a sweet little project! When I think of crayon rubbings I always remember doing them with leaves and other naturey things but we did a little hunt around the house for a bunch of flat objects. It was really cute to see what S picked up around the house, she has a very good concept of "flat"- We started by laying a few out and doing a normal rubbing, but then I would have her close her eyes and rearrange the objects so it would be a surprise as they appeared on the paper and she would have to guess which shape was what. After a few goes at it she tried it on me which was cute as well. It was surprisingly lengthy and she was really excited to go show the boys the end result to see if they could tell what any of the shapes were. Again this will surely be revisited. I really enjoyed the time with her, and I'm really glad we are doing this "challenge".. I can't believe we are already on day 18, makes me glad we dragged it out a bit as we'd be almost done and I have such a long list of things to do with her! I'm having the kind of night where I want to wake her up and tell her how sweet and cute and wonderful she is but obviously I won't but sitting back at the end of a long nap-free day and watching her intrigue and enthusiasm at this put such a big smile on my face.. I wish I could bottle this moments.

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