Tuesday, June 21, 2011

challenge day 23

I have this total need for infusing different ends of the spectrum into the lives of my children now that we live in this urban-suburbia. For some reason if they grew up completely country or completely city it would feel alright and authentic to me but straddling somewhere in between worries me so I am always looking for ways of rounding off their existence.. When a friend invited us strawberry picking I was beyond enthused at the opportunity. Unfortunately the heat mixed with a baby who only wants to crawl and eat everything he can touch made it a little less glamorous than it could have been but it was still pretty great. I think this is an activity that would be better in cool weather or at least 1 adult per 1 kid but anyhow-- S picked and ate and picked and ate and we came home with tons of bright fresh yummy strawberries! I knew we would never get through them all before they spoiled so we decided to use the bulk of them to make some strawberry jam. It was so much easier than I ever would have guessed. We used H's baby food mill to mash them up, added Sugar & lemon juice, boiled, and since we were only making one jar to use right away that was it! S as always loved the pouring and mixing (and sneaking some snacking in) and I think was utterly surprised and impressed that we really truly made jam. This was a first for me and I am now completely sold- so ready to run out and get all the canning supplies they make! (the consumer that I am..)
Really it was so simple and exciting to show S and myself and we look forward to lots of picking and canning in the future..

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