Sunday, May 8, 2011

30 day challenge

I have decided to give myself a mothers day gift this year. I was tempted to go for a new bag or maybe some cute and "much needed" designer jeans but instead I'm going to indulge myself in a once in a lifetime opportunity to enhance my parenting- which should in return enhance my children and thus my Self.. I've been digging deep into these thoughts and needs as previously discussed and I know I have the want and need to be more mindful in my existence so I thought what better way to start than a 30 day challenge for myself of quality time, cooperation, and creativity? These are things I absolutely need more of in my life and endlessly valuable things I would like to instill in my children. And it doesn't end there; I know that one thing leads to another and there will be a path that unfolds of learning, teaching, experimenting, curiosity, problem solving, dreaming, self-esteem, communication, trust, I could go on and on.
Every day for the next 30 days I will do a new art/craft/science project with the kids (ok well with S really but H is more than welcome to stick his chubby baby hands into anything we are doing- really though as an observer I'm sure he will get something out of it, at the very least of which will be an understanding that his mother loves to spend time and create and engage with her children).. So much of my time I feel I am treading water, caught up in maintaining so that each day slips by and I almost can't remember where I was or what happened and one day just bleeds into the next. I want to take time back and be conscience and aware and really truly present as a parent and wife and friend and individual. And I know S needs it. There isn't a day that goes by where she doesn't ask to go to paint your own pottery. Last week when she was at the peak of her naughtiness I caught myself about to give her a timeout and when I called her name in that tone I stopped myself and instead said "let's do playdough". She stopped in her wild tracks and looked at me calmly and said "ok"- proceeded to pull up a chair and spend the next 40+ minutes in relaxed creativity and joyful banter. It really soothed both of us and changed the pace of the entire day.
So I have compiled a list with the help of some great websites shared with me by my friend Kate and a little extra googling and 3 uninterrupted hours granted to me by insomnia & H's teething. I think what I will do is organize them into weeks and set out to be sure that I have everything needed ahead of time for that week. Then there is nothing left to do but make time each day and watch, learn, and enjoy as I lose myself in creative play with my kids. I'm hoping that it lasts much longer than 30 days but becomes more of a habit for us in the long run. I just thought that was a good starting point..

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