Thursday, May 26, 2011

challenge day 12

Tuesday was "one of those days" in our house. We had a rough day at pre-school, everyone was feeling down, we had 2 grumpy kids and 2 grumpy adults in the house. For the first time I felt like "why are we bothering to do this?!" when I set out a craft- stamps & a giant inkpad requested by S, and then some glue and a little jar of rainbow rice to mix it up.. I think really a lot of my reaction was to the whining and fussiness and maybe the 1/2 a bottle of glue spilled on the floor and ink handprints all over the house. Really I should have mustered up energy to put out something more appropriate and mindful for the type of day we were having but I was drained so I sort of threw out some random things and let her go to town..She enjoyed it and found some calm-though incredibly messy- space. It wasn't so bad but lesson learned, take a deep breath and refocus. If I keep mindful about my own energy and the energy I'm projecting next time hopefully I can help bring that of others.

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