Wednesday, May 11, 2011

challenge day 4

Best day yet! Today we did something so simple I can't believe we haven't done this a hundred times before but better late than never, we surely will go back to this again and again! S loves helping me in the kitchen. She loves pots and pans and mixing and making and baking and scrubbing and stirring.. So today I laid out our big plastic table cloth on the kitchen floor and set out three bowls; one filled with water, one filled with flour, and one empty. I handed her some different spoons, scoops, and measuring cups and that was all that needed to be done. She went to town mixing, pouring, scooping, and "making cakes" and all types of imaginative play.. We spent almost an hour and would probably have gone much longer if time allowed, fabulous and fun!

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  1. that is so fantastic! what a great learning experience and how fun!!!