Wednesday, May 11, 2011

challenge day 3

For our third project we did balloon painting & prints- a bit of an adaptation from what I originally intended but ended up lots of fun anyhow and really created some beautiful prints. Somehow this post got erased so I am rewriting and reposting? hmm.. Anyhow we originally set out to fill balloons with rice and roll them in paint to get some nice texture play but mommy couldn't find a funnel and the rice wasn't getting into the balloons so we ended up just using regular old air filled balloons. The bonus to this activity for S was that the balloons sort of painted themselves in the process, fun! The prints came out so pretty we will likely cut and frame some or make cards out of them.. Quite lovely. And there is an endless list to different objects to be used in place of brushes, surely we will have fun exploring many different options here over time!

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  1. oooh....i love the collage/card/framing pieces idea! send one out to your arizona auntie, s!