Thursday, May 26, 2011

challenge day 11

We took the weekend off from the challenge to celebrate several birthdays including that of little miss S- this included multiple parties, house guests, and 6 hours in the car- really just a lot going on.. It has taken several days to come down from the frenzy and excitement, not to mention the colds we've been fighting off so on Monday we went the pre-fab route. S received a bunch of great art & craft things including a kit for "designing" your own handbag. Too cute! We spent a ton of time going through all the shapes and objects and colors and she placed every piece on the bag with intention. She was really excited to see it all come together and I have to say it wouldn't surprise me in the least if she takes after her mom and has a career in fashion or design.. not to get ahead of myself here but hey- she was really into this and I couldn't help but appreciate the concentration, intention, creativity and pride she displayed!

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