Monday, May 9, 2011

ocean in a bottle

So our day one challenge project was the old standby "ocean in a bottle"..
S was quite enthusiastic to squirt in the coloring and interested as she watched the oil and water divide. She stared for a moment and said "now we drink it?" .. "um, no honey it's yucky." Hmmm.... and that was that.
I thought it a bit of a fail, but then later found myself playing with the bottle as I sat at the table. Then again later I caught my husband having a look, then at dinner time S played with it for a good 20 min while H sat on my lap staring at it and smiling watching the colors separate and swoosh and sway. Before I knew it we were having a discussion about the why and how and what of it, and S was asking if we could make some more with pink or other colors.. So I have to say it ended up being as much as I hoped it would, though subtler, and certainly more than I feared it might.. not bad for day one!

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  1. how fun! i could see some of my students using it as a tool for when they are feeling anxious, just taking time to observe and watch the colors would really help them to calm down after recess or a stressful situation. i love the picture of S watching her ocean-adorable!