Saturday, May 14, 2011

Challenge day 5

So yesterday we didn't really partake in the challenge but S got her art on by going to paint your own pottery (plaster of Paris really) with her Ouma who is in visiting.. I wasn't planning to skip but we had some last minute medical stuff to take care of with the baby so the day got away from us and that was that. Today we made up for by thoroughly enjoying ourselves while dyeing "Easter" eggs. This is something we have never done before as we tend to be traveling around Easter and don't make much of a thing out of it anyhow. For some reason I have had the kit in the cupboard for over a year so what better time to break it out than a random Saturday in May?! We could have done this for hours, S loved soaking one egg then dipping it a little here a little there and seeing where things ended up. Bonus fun was eating the eggs with our dinner and she was quite content to fall asleep with smudged little fingers (despite triple washing & a bubble bath).. I will go online and see if I can order some spare kits on sale as we will surely revisit this activity.. Maybe if we try it in the winter we can use the leftover dye to paint the snow?!

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