Thursday, May 26, 2011

challenge day 13

It has officially turned to summer here! We have had little to no spring, and last week I went out and purchased two new sweatshirts for S as she has outgrown all of hers due mostly to the fact that cold weather has lasted much longer than it should have. I knew if I did this inevitably warm weather would pour in and I was right! S spent the morning outside doing some truly beautiful side walk chalk with our babysitter as I had to take the baby to his first physical therapy appointment. It was great to see how much time S spent working at the chalk and she was so proud of the results she showed everyone who past by.. When I got home we went over to our friends house who happens to be one of the most creative people I know- painter, fashion designer, all around creator and inspiration.. She gave S her birthday gift, a BEAUTIFUL decoupaged foot stool- and got creative with the wrapping. We all teamed up and fashion miss S a fantastic "paper dress with Rose"- quite stunning! So while there was no specific challenge today I look around at all of the great creations we are surrounded with and feel mission accomplished :)

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