Friday, May 20, 2011

Challenge day 10

Today was a very special and important day in our household, today was S's third birthday! From morning to night and beyond today was all about honoring her with adventure and attention and spoiling her as much as possible (obviously) so we planned something big and exciting for our challenge today. Thankfully for the first time in what I swear has been weeks it stopped raining so we had the chance to follow through with it! Today we planted a vegetable garden. We have flowers and shrubs and trees and a lot of great plant life and landscaping here but most of it came with the house and we have a landscaper who tends to it so S hasn't really had that much experience in the garden. Today was an amazing experience for all of us as I have very rarely seen her with dirt in her nails and I have most certainly never seen her grabbing for worms in soil! I know this sounds like an odd thing to find amazing but I spent much of my childhood romping through creeks, picking wild raspberries, exploring caves, catching fireflies and tadpoles.. These are memories I cherish and experiences I certainly learned from and I am intent on exposing my little urban suburban kids to an existence as similar to this as is possible in this urban suburbia.. So over the next few months we will tend our vegetable patch including 3 tomato plants, 2 peppers, some courgette, and some peas. I think we will love watching things grow, enjoying all there is to learn, and of coarse eating the end results!

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  1. You and I both have the same awesome (am I allowed to call it awesome if Katie and I are doing it too? haha) ideas! I have memories of helping clear out the old weeds and plants in the spring, preparing the dirt with the lovely cow manure and planting so many veggies (and we also had a huge strawberry patch) and then enjoying the fruits and veggies of our labor in the summer. This year, we brought Katie to the gardening store and let her pick out her favorite veggies to plant. if we had more land, we would have let her pick more, but we ended up with corn (hmmm...don't know how well it will work, but definitely her fav), orange pepper, pole beans, grape tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, and we already have broccoli and flat bean seeds in the garden which will hopefully sprout despite the cold spring temps we've had so far. I'm so excited to get things into the ground and she loves watering and she is going to love picking and eating them fresh off the plants. Hopefully we both have a bountiful crop this year! :)