Monday, May 16, 2011

Challenge day 7

This challenge I was quite excited about, I even began preparing for it two days ago. I'm thrilled to say it was as much fun as I had hoped it would be if not more! We are talking a top two activity easily.. Tonight we explored colored rice. Two days ago I dyed four batches of rice to make a pretty pastel pallette for us to work with and left it drying on cookie sheets in my dining room.. This evening after dinner I laid out each color in it's own container and set out a bunch of clean baby food jars and lids, all on a big table cloth on our kitchen table. We first each took a jar and a color- S obviously taking pink- and filled. I then encourage her to mix it up by filling my jar with striped layers. She was very impressed and spent the next 15 minutes doing the same and then switched to pouring and refilling, mixing and scooping. We filled some jars and topped them with lids and enjoyed the rattling sounds- "I made a maraca!" We let baby H play with these while we scooped on with the other jars.. Eventually we were left with four containers of rainbow rice and still we continued- scoop, pour, shake- we even buried the jars. Fantastic fun! Only ammendment i would make would be to next time do this the day before my cleaners arrive as I am sure i wil be pucking rainbow rice out of cracks and crevases for some time.. What to do next with our big tub of rainbow rice? I'm thinking glue and black construction paper... You will see the results sooner than later I am sure!

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  1. What I great idea! I can't wait to try this, even though I'm sure I too will be picking rainbow rice up from every corner of our multi-purpose area (aka dining room)! But it will be worth it because I know the kids will just love this!