Monday, May 9, 2011

challenge day 2

Today we did a little foam & toothpick sculpture building and it was fantastic! We used colored corn starch "popcorn" as our foam (much better for the dog who was eating the fallen pieces off the floor..) and I was impressed that we even used the toothpicks very safely- my anxiety over poked eyes and fingers was completely unwarranted. S first created "lollipops" while I went for more of a spider-esque sculpture, then we had fun creating people and naming them after our cousins. Daddy even got in on it and continued working on his tree even after the rest of us had called it quits for dinner (I'm thinking this could be a great activity to relieve stress in the workplace..) Once again the conversations that the project elicited were the best part of the activity and already she is eagerly awaiting the announcement of her next craft project for tomorrow. As am I..

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  1. great fine motor activity! i bet daddy's tree was awesome :)!