Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Challenge day 8

Sloppy messy slimy fun! We did some jello-excavating for project #8. Translate- Digging through a pan of green jello with plastic figurines of snakes, frogs, and lizards suspended inside. This was a good time- but might be better in larger batches with a bigger array of things to dig for.. Or could be a nice activity with a friend one afternoon. Again we spent more time at it than I had anticipated, it seemed pretty straightforward- dig out objects and done- but between slurping each one clean only to dip it back in again, and splatting and splooking the creatures around we kept pretty busy. There was also a fair amount of roll play with the figurines.. Much more versatile activity than I had anticipated! It was alright but we didn't get totally carried away. Maybe if I had used a little plastic buzz lightyear or some princesses we would have been a bit more taken but that would somewhat defeat the point!

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